To be eligible to work at the National Archives you would normally be an Australian citizen. See the Commonwealth of Australia Public Service Gazette website for further information on eligibility to apply for employment opportunities.


To be eligible to apply for a vacancy it is a requirement that you are an Australian citizen or a permanent resident eligible to apply for citizenship. In a very small number of cases the Director-General may waive this requirement.

Security clearance

All positions within the Archives require a pre-employment check and security clearance. It will, therefore, be a requirement that all successful applicants undergo a pre‑employment check by the Archives be eligible for consideration under the Australian Government Protective Security Policy (PSPF) for an Australian Government security clearance (where this is not already in place). The Selection Documentation will outline the level of security clearance required for the position.

For security clearances at Baseline level, an employee's background and personal history for the previous five (5) years must be able to be checked to an acceptable level by the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency. For Negative Vetting Level 1 and above, the checkable background timeframe is ten (10) years.

All assessment for access to official resources and the provision of an Australian Government security clearance will be in accordance with Australian Government security guidelines and the Archives' Personnel Security Procedure.

National criminal history check

A national criminal history check allows the National Archives to determine that a prospective employee is a suitable person to be engaged as an Australian Public Service employee. All staff are required to complete the Australian Federal Police check authorisation form at the time of commencement as part of the pre-employment check.

Health clearance

On commencement staff will complete a health declaration form (where they are new to the APS and have not already completed a health clearance). The purpose of the health declaration form is to assist the National Archives in determining whether there are any existing health issues that would impact on your ability to perform the duties of the position or impact on your superannuation benefits. This allows the Archives to meet its duty of care under work health and safety legislation and identify any reasonable adjustments you may require in the workplace.

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