Margaret George Award

A research grant for talented, emerging scholars

The Margaret George Award commemorates the life and work of Margaret George. The award was designed to help talented, emerging scholars complete an innovative and quality research project that:

  • was significant to Australian audiences
  • made substantial use of our collection.

Former recipients of the Margaret George Award are:

  • 2013 Dr Claire Higgins – Australia’s little known in-country refugee programme in Latin America
  • 2012 Dr Anne-marie Boxall – Australian hospitals, federal governments and some enduring policy dilemmas
  • 2011 Hannah Forsyth – Knowledge as a nation-building project in the 1940s and 1950s
  • 2010 Dr Daniel Leach – The Other Allies: Australian security attitudes towards 'friendly aliens' from occupied countries 1939–45
  • 2009 Dr Michele Cunningham – A fundamental reappraisal of events leading up to, and surrounding, the deaths of Australian prisoners of war in Sandakan, and of the cancelled plan to rescue the prisoners – Project Kingfisher
  • 2008 Dr Andrea Benvenuti – Defence and decolonisation in South-East Asia: Australia’s policy towards Britian’s end of empire
  • 2008 Dr Alex Gerbaz – An exploration of Australian Government funding initiatives for independent filmmakers during the 1970s
  • 2007 Dr Craig Stockings – A groundbreaking investigation into the Battle of Bardia in World War II
  • 2006 Dr Melanie Oppenheimer – An historical perspective on volunteering in Australia in the post-1945 period
  • 2005 Dr Nick Richardson – An exploration of the relationship between Australian media owner Sir Keith Murdoch and the United Australia Party Prime Minister, Joseph Lyons
  • 2005 Dr Sean Brawley – A study of two extraordinary Australians – Annie O'Keefe and Arthur Calwell – that highlights the challenges made to the White Australia Policy during the Pacific War and early postwar period
  • 2004 Dr Nicole Moore – An examination of records of the Commonwealth Literature Censorship Board, part of a project to re-examine the history of 20th-century censorship in Australia
  • 2004 Dr Christina Twomey – An exploration of the experiences of Australian civilians interned by the Japanese in World War II
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