Advisory Council

Advisory Council 2017
Advisory Council 2017

The National Archives of Australia Advisory Council is established under the Archives Act 1983 (subsection 10-1). Its role is to advise the Minister and the Director-General on matters relevant to the Archives’ functions.

The Minister or the Director-General may refer such matters to the Council for advice, or the Council may offer advice of its own accord.

The Council has up to 13 members, including a Senator chosen by the Senate, a member of the House of Representatives chosen by the House, and 11 other members appointed by the Minister.


Current members of the National Archives of Australia Advisory Council are:

Former Advisory Council Chairs

  • Mr A J (Jack) Campbell OBE, 1984-88 
  • Mr Ralph Jacobi AM, 1988-91 
  • Professor J L (Jack) Goldring, 1991-94 
  • Ms Beverley Schurr (Acting), 1994-95 
  • Mr Rodney Cavalier, 1994-98 
  • The Hon J J (Jim) Carlton AO, 1998-2003 
  • Mr Paul Santamaria SC, 2003-10 
  • Ms Helen Williams AO (Acting), 2010-11 
  • The Hon Dr John Bannon AO, FASSA 2011-14

Titles and post nominals are those held during Advisory Council membership.

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