Temporary closure of Northern Territory Research Centre, 3–13 September 2019

The Research Centre at the Northern Territory Archives Centre will be closed from Tuesday 3 September to Friday 13 September 2019 due to construction work.

From Tuesday 17 September to Friday 11 October 2019, less disruptive construction work will continue. Visitors to the Research Centre will need to book an appointment during this time.

It is anticipated that building works will be completed by Friday 11 October, at which time the Research Centre will return to normal operations.

To book a visit, or if you need to urgently access a record, please contact Ms Jyoti Pudasaini, Assistant Director (08) 8999 6895.

Access to National Archives records held in Darwin will still be available through our reference service and digitise-on-demand service. Inquiries about records can be submitted online.

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