Open Government Partnership – National Archives of Australia's role

The Open Government Partnership aims to empower citizens and promote transparency, accountability and technological innovation in government.

Australia’s first Open Government National Action Plan contains 15 commitments to increase the transparency and accountability of government, boost public service delivery and encourage greater public engagement.

The National Archives of Australia is responsible for implementing Commitment 3.3 – Improve the discoverability and accessibility of government data: Archived records.

This commitment aims to make it easier for the public to find, access and use government data and information online.

Archives' steps to implementation

To achieve its commitment to improve the discoverability and accessibility of government data and information, the Archives is:

  • leading the transition to fully digital information management practices in government agencies. Creating and maintaining information in digital formats supports timely access to government data online
  • increasing the number of archival records available in digital formats, including World War II service and passenger arrival records
  • making additional groups of archival records of high research interest available for public access.

Work to date

  • Development and promotion of DC2020 policy and tools have been used to lead and support agencies in their transition from paper to managing their information and data assets digitally
  • Publication of annual reporting on the progress of agencies in their journey to meet the Milestones of DC2020. This includes providing feedback to the agencies, the report to the Minister as well as publishing de-identified results on our website
  • April 2017 the Information Management Standard was launched. The Standard assists government agencies to create and manage business information effectively
  • 2016/2017 released a series of videos online to help build digital information and records management knowledge and capabilities across the Australian Government
  • Digital access projects launched in 2017 include:
  • New digitised material is added each week and can be accessed online through the Archives' websites
  • Between July 2016 and January 2018, we have released 62,200 records in response to requests from the public and proactively released 407,800 records for public access.

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