Out of the Cabinet

Get a different take on Cabinet records! The Out of the Cabinet series of essays highlights particular documents that captures the imagination and provides insightful comments.

November 2011

The dangerous parliamentary lifestyle by Ian Warden
Can we imagine a federal government minister having the time for a round of golf during a hectic sitting week in Canberra?

September 2011

Suspiciously dark and stringy 'beef' by Ian Warden
On 27 July 1981 a vigilant food inspector in San Diego, California, fancied that three frozen blocks of imported Australian beef looked suspiciously 'darker and stringier' than bona fide boneless beef should be.

July 2011

Tobacco in Australia: an addicted society? by Ian Warden
In Australia we live in tobacco-hostile and even smoker-hostile times, with governments allowing smokers fewer and fewer places where they may legally light up.

May 2011

Whales swim into Australian hearts by Ian Warden
Whaling was Australia's first primary industry and tens of thousands of whales were harpooned up until 1978.

February 2011

Stinging criticism and hurled hotdogs by Ian Warden
In 1980, two hitherto beloved Australian athletes, sprinter Raelene Boyle and swimmer Tracey Wickham, suddenly became despised and hounded by many angry Australians.

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