Abbreviations used in World War I and World War II service records

AAHAustralian Auxiliary Hospital
AAMCAustralian Army Medical Corps
AANSAustralian Army Nursing Service
AASCAustralian Army Service Corps
AB/DvrAble Bodied Driver – rank no longer used
ADBDAustralian Divisional Base Depot
ADHAustralian Dermatological Hospital
AFAAustralian Field Artillery
AFCAustralian Flying Corps
AGBDAustralian General Base Depot
AGHAustralian General Hospital
AIBDAustralian Infantry Base Depot
AIF (1st AIF)Australian Imperial Force (WWI)
AIF (2nd AIF)Australian Imperial Force (WWII)
AL RwyAustralian Light Railway
AMAircraft Mechanic – rank no longer used
AMGBDAustralian Machine Gun Base Depot
AMTSAustralian Mechanical Transport Service
AN&MEFAustralian Naval & Military Expeditionary Force
AOCArmy Ordnance Corps
ASCArmy Service Corps
ASHAustralian Stationary Hospital also Australian Special Hospital
AVESAustralian Veterinary Evacuating Station
AVHAustralian Veterinary Hospital
AWLAbsent without Leave
BEFBritish Expeditionary Force
BGROCBroad Gauge Railway Operating Company
CCSCasualty Clearing Station
Con DepConvalescent Depot
DACDivision Ammunition Column also Division Artillery Column
DCMDistrict Court Martial
DDDetails Depot
Den CpsDental Corps
DSCDivisional Supply Column
EEFEgyptian Expeditionary Force
EMM&B CoyElectrical and Mechanical Mining and Boring Company
F AmbField Ambulance
FABField Artillery Brigade
FarFarrier – rank no longer used
FCEField Company Engineers
FTDFull-time duty
GDDGeneral Details Depot
GSRGeneral Service Reinforcements
GSWGun Shot Wound
HMATHis Majesty's Australian Transport
HSHospital Ship
HTHired Transport also Horsed Transport
ICCImperial Camel Corps
LGROCLight Gauge Railway Operating Company
LH BdeLight Horse Brigade
LHFALight Horse Field Ambulance
LHRLight Horse Regiment
LHRRLight Horse Reserve Regiment
LHTRLight Horse Training Regiment
LoCLines of Communication
L/SgtLance Sergeant – rank no longer used
M Vet SecMobile Veterinary Section
MDMilitary District
MEFMediterranean Expeditionary Force (Gallipoli)
MG Coy/ SqnMachine Gun Company/Squadron
M/IMarched In
M/0Marched Out
MT/DvrMechanical Transport Driver – rank no longer used
Mtd RegMounted Regiment
NYDNot Yet Determined/Diagnosed
POPetty Officer (Navy) – rank no longer used
PUOPyrexia (fever) of unknown origin
RAARoyal Australian Artillery
RAERoyal Australian Engineers
RANBTRoyal Australian Naval Bridging Train
RBAAReserve Brigade Australia Artillery
RMT UnitRemount Unit
RSDRailhead Supply Detachment
SAN SectSanitation Section
SBSiege Battery
STSSea Transport Staff
S/Smith or SSShoeing Smith – rank no longer used
SjtSerjeant (variant of Sergeant)
SWShrapnel Wound
TMBtyTrench Mortar Battery also LTMB, MTMB, HTMB (Light, Medium or Heavy Trench Mortar Battery
TOSTaken on Strength
Tun CoyTunnelling Company
VDCVolunteer Defence Corps
Vet SectVeterinary Section
WhrWheeler – rank no longer used
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