Flourish the Vine

This colourful 24-page booklet was developed by the Australian Wine Industry in the 1940s to convice the Tariff Board to develop the home-grown market.

The Wine Industry fervently believed that Australia was poised on the edge of a wine boom. Yes, domestic consumption was low and yes, revenues and production statistics weren't flattering. But the infrastructure was in place and, the booklet affirmed, ‘there are facts concerning rural settlement, co-operative effort, traditions and standards which commend the industry as a national asset'.

And with a little more advertising, surely Australians could be persuaded to drink more wine. ‘How many Australians', the booklet asked, 'realise that there is a wine to suit every weather condition, every time of the day, practically every physical condition, and every psychological mood?'

We'd all drink to that! And to the beautiful writing and hand-painted illustrations that appear throughout this remarkable booklet.

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    Chapter three of Flourish the Vine argues the importance of wine to Australia's economy. From the Tariff Board inquiry and report file concerning wine, 1947–49
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    A full-page illustration showing the potential workforce benefits of grape growing
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