Rockin’ Rollin’ Clementine

This young man with the bodgie hairdo and groovy guitar is none other than pioneering Aussie pop star Col Joye. Col began his musical career in the late 1950s and still entertains audiences today, performing at clubs around the country.

Col's elder piano-playing brother Kevin started the Joy Boys trio that also included youngest brother Keith on bass. Composer Ken Taylor was the Festival A&R (artists and repertoire) man who signed Col Joye.

Clementine – the follow-up to Ken's 1959 hit song Bye Bye Baby – was a hip rewrite of the old Californian Gold Rush song, revamped with a new melody minus the familiar waltz time tempo.

When Ken applied for copyright on Clementine, it was initially held up because the examiner was not convinced that the Leeds Music application had established ownership of Taylor's song.

Before 1968, all applications for copyright had to include a copy of the actual work, and over the decades that eclectic collection has become an unintentional archive of Australian creativity and social history.

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    Col Joye on the cover of the sheet music of Clementine
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    First page of the musical score of Clementine
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    Copyright application for Clementine
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