Sing a song of springcleaning housewives

Stratos Moraitis. You haven’t heard of him? Well neither had we until a researcher found this gem from our copyright collection and thought it might inspire anyone thinking about tackling the spring cleaning about now. Brilliant.

‘Strat’ was the son of a Greek migrant who, by 1945, had made a name for himself outside the family’s fish café business in Adelaide. He was an entertainer who had at least two compositions published by the Australian Songwriters and Music Publishers Agency. One of them, in which he sings the praises of The Housewife, is seen here.

Written during wartime, there are some poignant moments in amongst what mostly sounds like sheer hard work.

She’ll scrub and rub and get dinner for you … And there’ll be tears when there’s no news from you.

Many Greeks have migrated to Australia since the first scattered arrivals in the 19th century. Some were escaping political instability in their homeland, others unemployment or poverty. Many were seeking a better life, from the promise of gold in the 19th century to the possibilities of success in business, industry and entertainment.

While Stratos Moraitis and his work have been immortalised through our copyright collection, we may never find out what his wife thought of this tribute to her work.

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    The Housewife music score
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    Stratos Moraitis' application for copyright for his songs
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