Internment camps in World War II

Map showing the location of World War Two internment camps in Australia
World War II internment camps in Australia

World War II camps were established first in existing buildings like prisons, and later in purpose-built compounds around Australia. Some revived camps established during World War l. See more about:

Other World War II camps

During World War II internees were accommodated in a number of other smaller or temporary camps, often before being transferred to one of the larger camps. Some of these camps are listed below.

  • Bathurst, New South Wales (1939)
  • Long Bay, New South Wales (1939, 1940–41)
  • Orange, New South Wales (1940–41)
  • Dhurringile near Murchison, Victoria (1939–40)
  • Parkeston, Western Australia (1942)

There were also a number of camps that were used solely to accommodate prisoners of war. Their locations included Yanco in New South Wales, Murchison and Myrtleford in Victoria, Marrinup in Western Australia and Brighton in Tasmania.

The National Archives' collection includes records about these camps. Some of these can be found through a search of our RecordSearch catalogue using the word 'camp' and the camp location (eg camp Yanco) as keywords.

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