Target to limit the creation of paper records

In accordance with the Digital Transition Policy, records that are created digitally after 2015 will be accepted for transfer to the National Archives in digital formats only.

This target was announced by the Director-General of the Archives, David Fricker, on 24 October 2012, and endorsed by Simon Crean, Minister responsible for the Archives.

This target applies specifically to the five per cent or so of records that are of archival value and will eventually be transferred to the Archives for permanent care and retention. However, it is expected that reforms will logically flow to the management of all information and records in agencies and will encourage a move to a predominantly digital information management environment.

The Government’s Digital Transition Policy released in July 2011 requires all agencies to move to digital information and records management for efficiency purposes. This means that the majority of Australian Government records will be created, stored and managed digitally and, where possible, incoming paper records will be scanned so that new paper files are not created.

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