Template for system information management plan

System name | Full product name
System common name/abbreviation
Business owner (Division/Branch/Section)
Business processes supported by systemWhat is this business system's purpose?
External or internal use only?
Security classification
Access controlsCan user roles be defined?
Technical details
System version
System typeeg database
Software/OS requirements
Age of system/date acquired
Upgrade due date
Server location (physical)
Current size of data holdings
System administration and support
System administrator
Number of administrators
Is there a maintenance agreement with vendor?
Where is the source code kept?
Where is system information kept?eg TRIM location
Where is the configuration/customisation documentation kept?eg TRIM location
Cost of system (initial procurement)
Ongoing costs (eg licensing and support)
Is there any related legacy system?
Is the legacy data managed?
Identify systems that use data from this system
Identify systems that this system uses data from
Records management information
Do you rely on information from this system as evidence?
Do the records have disposal coverage?
Minimum retention specified?
Legislative requirements
Business requirements
Assessment information
Assessor name
Business area contact name
Assessment outcomes
  • Provide details on outcomes of Phase 1: Risk assessment
  • Provide details of risks/gaps identified in Phase 2: Assessment of information management functionality
  • Provide where appropriate also details of Phase 3: Implementing solutions
Date assessed
Review date
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