For information and records managers

Information is a valuable asset and it requires a skilled person or team to manage it properly.

Information and records managers are responsible for the strategic management of all information generated in your agency.

You need to ensure that your agency:

  • recognises the importance of information and records management to the agency, the Government and the nation
  • creates, manages, maintains and stores information and records properly
  • enables people to access the information when they need it
  • destroys or transfers information to the Archives when it is no longer needed for business
  • uses a robust Information Governance framework which will support business outcomes

Digital continuity 2020

By 2020 Australian government agencies will transition to entirely digital work processes. As such, information that is created or received in digital format should be managed digitally.   A Digital Continuity Plan will help to ensure digital business information and records are managed and remain accessible and usable, reducing costs and improving corporate governance and business processes.

Assessing your capability

The information management and data capabilities tool will help you assess your information management skills and knowledge. It also provides your human resource teams a way forward to develop targeted strategies to improve your agency's information management capability; for example through recruitment, professional development and performance management activities.


All information that your agency creates, uses or receives as part of its business is subject to the Archives Act 1983 and needs to be managed according to its value.

There are a number of other laws that affect how Australian Government agencies manage their information and records. Some of these laws are relevant to most government agencies while others relate to a specific agency.


If you or your staff need assistance with how to manage information, the Archives offers a series of videos and eLearning modules that will help you understand what you need to do and how to do it. You may also be interested in joining GAIN Australia, a national network supporting agency information and records managers in the Australian Government.

The Archives' Agency Service Centre is available to assist information and records managers who work for Australian Government agencies.

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