Business classification schemes

A business classification scheme is a conceptual model of business activities – what your agency does and how it does it. A business classification scheme identifies business functions and their associated activities and transactions.

Records classification tools and a functions thesaurus support the implementation of a business classification scheme.

This conceptual model is based on the Australian Standard for Records Management, AS ISO 15489.

Business classification scheme

The most appropriate tools for your agency will depend on your agency's core functions and activities and the functionality of the business information systems. Over time your agency may adopt different classification tools to reflect the nature of the business. It is important to review your classification tools periodically to ensure they remain fit for purpose.

Records authorities and classification

The records authority for an organisation’s business activities is an extension of the business classification scheme. In many instances, the terms in the classification tool will correlate directly to the terms used to develop record classes in the RA and their associated disposal actions. These classification tools can support the information management process by assigning disposal at the point of creation.

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