Capabilities, skills and professional knowledge

Information is a valuable asset and, like other assets, such as vehicles, buildings or money, its management requires information professionals with appropriate capabilities, skills and knowledge.

The information management profession is broad and dynamic. As the Australian Government progresses towards digital continuity, information professionals should continually update their capabilities, skills and knowledge through formal or informal professional development. In today's digital environment, the focus is on capabilities to manage digital information in all systems where it's created, transmitted, managed and accessed.

Digital Continuity 2020 Policy professionalism targets

Professionalism targets under the Policy support the need for qualified and skilled information professionals. Interim targets for a senior information governance role and certification process will be released shortly. The certification process and related targets will take into consideration the range and depth of existing Australian Government information professionals' qualifications, skills and experience.

More information about the work towards interim professionalism targets can be found here.

Identifying information management capability

The Digital information and records management capability matrix identifies skills and knowledge that government agencies and their employees need to create and manage information. The matrix complements the work towards certification and related targets.


Information related qualifications range from competency-standard based certificates to postgraduate awards. Courses may be undertaken in face-to-face or online modes of delivery, and can be divided into two major types:

  • academic courses offered through higher education and focusing on developing analytical skills and applying records and information management theory in practice
  • task and skills-orientated technical courses offered through the TAFE network and by private registered training organisations (RTOs).

The National Archives offers standards and policy targeted workshops and information sessions for Australian Government employees. Please contact the Agency Service Centre for more information.

Professional associations

Professional associations provide opportunities for learning and development through training courses, conferences, industry events and involvement with online forums and discussion groups. In Australia, information professionals may be members of:

Standards Australia

Standards Australia develops technological and business standards, a number of which relate to records and information management. It develops Australian Standards but does not have a direct role in ensuring the compliance of products or services with these standards.

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