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Annual Reports 2007–08


National Archives of Australia Annual Report 2007–08

Letter of transmittal

Director-General’s review of 2007–08

Overview of the National Archives of Australia

Establishment and role
Outcome and output structure
Governance and organisational structure

Report on performance

Outcome 1
Output 1.1

Outcome 2
Output 2.1
Output 2.2

Management accountability

Corporate governance
Risk management
External scrutiny
Information technology and management
Human resources management
Assets management
Financial management

Financial statements and supporting notes for the year ended 30 June 2008


Appendix A

National Archives of Australia addresses and contact numbers

Appendix B

Publications produced

Appendix C

Records Authorities approved

Appendix D

Selected records transferred and described

Appendix E

Volunteers and Work for the Dole scheme

Appendix F

Performance against the National Archives of Australia Service Charter standards

Appendix G

Exhibitions program

Appendix H

Discretionary grants

Appendix I

Consultancies, advertising and market research

Appendix J

Occupational health and safety

Appendix K

Freedom of information

Appendix L

Professional engagement

Appendix M

International engagement

Appendix N

Ecologically sustainable development and environmental performance

National Archives of Australia Advisory Council Annual Report 2007–08

Glossary and indexes

Glossary of terms and acronyms

Compliance index

Figures and tables index