Managing your agency records

To understand what records are required and how they should be managed, your agency needs to consider the agency’s core business and its administrative, legal and social context. In particular, your agency should be aware of:

  • its requirements to make and keep records as evidence of its activities, both as a result of legislation and as part of good business practice
  • risks related to its business such as legal action or the loss of vital corporate information.

Records management involves your agency's records going through a series of interrelated processes:

Ensuring that agency staff can access records is also a key aspect of managing your agency's records.

Your agency's records may exist in a broad range of formats. However, technological change and government policy have resulted in an increased focus on digital records within the Australian Government environment.

Your agency should have policies and resources in place to facilitate its records management. These include:

  • policies and procedures to support decisions about keeping and destroying records
  • systems in which records are maintained and are accessible in order to meet continuing business needs
  • staff with records management training and skills appropriate to their roles and responsibilities.
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