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Keep the Knowledge – Make a Record is a training package developed by the National Archives of Australia to assist all Australian Government employees, contractors and consultants to understand their records management responsibilities.

Keep the Knowledge can be used by agencies to present in-house training and will help staff to:

  • identify what is a record
  • recognise why records matter
  • understand their records management responsibilities
  • decide when to make or keep a record
  • understand where records should be kept.

Package overview

The Keep the Knowledge package includes the following resources for Australian Government (Commonwealth) agencies:

  • a PowerPoint slideshow and presenter’s guide, which can be used 'off the shelf' for face-to-face training with groups or modified to reflect agency specific requirements
  • a fold-out reference card which can be distributed to staff
  • a set of four promotional posters available in A2 and/or A4 size, which highlight key records management messages in a humorous way
  • an eLearning module for self-paced learning (see eLearning module).

PowerPoint slideshow (pdf, 470kb)
presenter's guide (pdf, 2.6mb)
fold-out reference card (pdf, 2.2mb)
promotional posters (pdf, 1.4mb)

Australian Government (Commonwealth) agencies can obtain modifiable versions of the slideshow and presenter's guide and/or copies of the reference card and posters using the form below.

Capability development product request form

eLearning module


Capture email where others can find and access it when required.

The Keep the Knowledge eLearning module can be used to provide self-paced learning to staff. The module takes approximately 15–20 minutes to complete and is available in Flash (media-rich), HTML (low-bandwidth) and a text-based version optimised for accessibility.

Note: To use the Flash, XML version or the text-based version with Internet Explorer 9 and 10, switch to web compatibility view mode via the browser tools menu.

Launch the eLearning module 

Help with the eLearning module

Keep the Knowledge - text-based version (pdf, 393kB)

Important note about copyright

Copyright of the Keep the Knowledge training package, including the Geoff Pryor cartoons, rests with the Commonwealth of Australia. The Archives administers that property and Australian Government (Commonwealth) agencies are authorised to use, adapt or modify the Keep the Knowledge slideshow and presenter's guide subject to certain conditions in use. All other use of Keep the Knowledge is governed by the Copyright Act 1968.

For more information about Keep the Knowledge including conditions of use, reproduction and rights or to provide your feedback on products, contact

Conditions of use

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