'Turning Points' using primary sources from the National Archives of Australia

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The postwar years are seen as a major turning point in the history of Australian immigration.

We invite students to explore this theme using primary sources from the National Archives. While you may choose to approach this topic in any way you wish, the following examples may provide you with some ideas:

The White Australia Policy and its abolition in 1973 - social, economic and political factors that informed changing attitudes to Asian migration

Push and pull factors that brought migrants to Australia after the war - how were these different to the motivations of previous waves of immigration?

The impact of the war years on international movements of peoples - economic and social drivers, and racially motivated persecution

The history of British migration to Australia and changing attitudes toward migrants of other nationalities and ethnicities

Migrant contributions to Australian society, economics, science and innovation in the postwar years (the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme, for example)

The history of Chinese migration to Australia

Internment and the treatment of hostile aliens in Australia during the war years

Students may also choose to explore turning points through their own topic selected from the National Archives digital collection.

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Entries are accepted in all formats, however keep in mind that they must be received, and will be judged, digitally. It is also a requirement of this category that students use primary sources from the National Archives.

More Information

To start your research, head to the Migration and citizenship page of the National Archives website for an overview and links to resources
You can also explore primary sources using the virtual reading room VRROOM
Discover personal stories of immigration to Australia by heading to the Destination Australia website
Search through official documents and transcripts on the Documenting Democracy website
http://www.foundingdocs.gov.au (NAA: A1336, 3368)

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